A few months ago, Accurso’s wrote a blog post about Alignments here, discussing when you need an alignment for your vehicle. This week, Don from Taylor’s Garage wanted to discuss front end alignments, as well. From a newer shop like Accurso’s to a shop that’s been around for a couple decades, the discussion was the same.

Don recommended for customers to get their front end checked from time to time to make sure that the alignment and the other components are in good working order. He stated that when the front end is out of alignment, it can make for poor fuel mileage and also wear your tires out much more quickly. Additionally, it will cause other parts in the front end to go bad quicker, such as the ball joints, strut rod bushings, struts, shocks, etc.

Even if the front end is out of alignment by a few degrees, it can effect the alignment a lot and in turn cause these other parts to wear more quickly.

If you need your alignment checked, contact your local trusted Napa AutoCare Center today.