Martel-Automotive-Belleview-FloridaA coolant service is an important service to keep up-to-date on in order to protect the different components of the engine, according to Pete the owner of Martel Auto Service. There are rust inhibitors in the coolant that keep those components from corrosion. When rust starts to form in the system it can hurt the radiator, water pump, motor, etc.

It’s recommended for the coolant to be inspected on a yearly basis, for clarity and visual signs that your vehicle doesn’t need a coolant service. Your trusted Napa Autocare can also look more regularly, at service intervals.

It is not expensive to have a coolant service done on your vehicle; typically under $100 but ask at your service location for the exact cost. However, it is more economical to have a coolant service done than to put it off and chance ruining those components in your engine.

Your vehicle can also overheat, which will cause all kinds of problems (like hurting the gaskets and seals in your vehicle).

Please note that there are different coolant types for different vehicles. The type of coolant required in your vehicle depends on the manufacturer. If you look at coolants used in vehicles there are many different colors, so it’s important to put in the same color that came out of the vehicle. If you mix the coolants, there can be problems with your vehicle in the long run. Contact your local Napa Autocare Service Center for more details.