HeadlightHeadlights, used during the evening hours to light your way, need to be maintained from time to time. Florida law also requires the lights to be on with the rain, so that others on the road can see your vehicle and so that you can see them. Since it is a matter of keeping you safe, it is important for the lights to be checked periodically to make sure they are still in working order. By going to a Trusted Napa AutoCare, your lights will be checked at every oil change to make sure that the lights are working.

Pete, the owner of Martel Auto Service in Belleview FL, shared a tip with  this week about getting your headlights refinished. He stated that over time headlights start to fade or get discolored. By refinishing your headlights, you will be able to see better. The refinishing involves taking off the layer that is discolored and faded, and then buffing and polishing it so that it’s like brand new again. Pete likened this discoloring and fading to a person having cataracts. By getting this service done, you will be able to see better and it will also save money.

Another important thing to take note of is that some of the newer lights can get water inside and may need to be replaced. If there is a crack in the headlight, moisture will also get inside, impairing your ability to see. If you notice a crack in your headlight, it’s best not to put it off, but to get it fixed right away to maintain safety on the road.

Finally, if you are having issues seeing because the lights are crooked in your vehicle, you can get the lights adjusted or “aligned”.