Mechanic fits tyre pressure monitoring systemGregg, from Gregg Smith Auto, discussed for the blog this week the TPMS that can be found in newer vehicles. TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System and it monitors the tire pressure in each of the tires on your vehicle. In 2007, the government and insurance agencies worked together to have these monitoring systems installed on all passenger cars for safety reasons.

This system works to monitor your tire pressure, and when it goes on it signals that your tires are low or severely under inflated. When the tire is low or under inflated, the tire will get hot from friction and it can cause a blow out. Blow outs can cause your car to roll over, so this is a major safety concern and the TPMS serves to help this from happening.

These systems do need batteries in them (the batteries can last 7-10 years), and need to be replaced when they have gone dead and are no longer monitoring the system. When the TPMS battery goes dead, the light will come on and indicate there is a problem with the system. When you see this light, you should schedule an appointment with your trusted Napa Autocare Center to find out if the battery needs to be replaced or if there is a tire low. Other causes of the light going on are a problem with the sensor or a problem with the system.