Mechanic looking for tools with brake disc in foregroundAccording to Pete of Martel Automotive Service, there are three different brake noises that will give you an indication that the brakes are starting to go in your vehicle.¬†First, if you hear a growling or grinding sound from your brakes, then you need to get you vehicle in to your trusted Napa AutoCare Center immediately. This sound indicates the brakes are bad and need to be replaced. The second type of noise is a high pitch squeal that let’s you know that the brakes are close to being worn out, this is a warning that you will soon need to get your vehicle in for the brakes to be replaced. And lastly, you may hear an intermittent squeak when you step on the brakes that typically has to do with brake dust or possibly with the quality of the brake pads (the lesser quality pads are more apt to be noisy).

It is recommended that you get a full brake inspection yearly. Full service shops usually do a quick, visual inspection of the brakes to let you know how your brakes look. Brakes wear differently, and it typically has a lot to do with the driver and/or if the vehicle is often driven in stop and go traffic. It is recommended to have a full service at 30,000 miles to clean and lube to keep everything wearing evenly.